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Our Story

I am a proud mum of two energetic boys💙 💙
One has been diagnosed with ADHD and possibly Autism (still in the referral process for Autism). He often chews to help regulate his senses. He would chew whatever he could find that meant the first thing in this mouth was often his sleeves and t.shirt necklines. He found chewing relaxing and it helped him to concentrate on tasks. We would also allow him to use fidget items to keep him feel relaxed, motivated and focused.

We became a little concerned, as if he couldn't chew on something he would begin to show signs of being anxious.

So I came up with the solution of a necklace made out of t-shirt fabric. Hoping he would use this to stim with rather than his expensive clothes. 

Lots of professionals and educators saw my son's necklaces and showed interest.

I have also been diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). While negotiating these new family diagnoses, we have found the need to search for aids to help support the needs of our family. Some of these aids are sensory, to support regulation such as the fabric chews, others are aids to support behaviour and routines or purely items to help us feel a sense of pride in our unique family. 
The search for these aids was not easy and sometimes frustrating, so when we have hand-made or found items that have been a success we have started a website to share these items and successes with you.

Sensory Stim Shop

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