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Designed by Brogan one of our Stim Stars 🌟 Brogan asked for a silicone and fabric bracelet that he could wear to school.

2x Sensory Spinning Massage Bracelet

These fidget bracelet can be customised with either black or grey beads on pink, aqua, blue or red fabric


These bracelets have been designed with textured silicone beads. The deep ridges on the beads can be used to give a sensory massage feeling to either the fingers, as you spin them, the wrist as you roll them back and forth and some have even said the smooth soft silicone beads have a relaxing effect when gently moved near the lips or face.

This is a discreet sensory fidget bracelet that some have used in the classroom.

It does not disturb other pupils as it is silent and discreet.

It can keeping hands busy and senses gently stimulated.

It can fit a variety of wrist sizes.

It is made with a knot that can be pulled open and closed by gently pulling the cord this means it can be taken on and off with ease.

Designed by Brogan 2x Fabric and Silicone massaging spinning bead bracelet

SKU: SilFid1
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    Items are made and processed within 1-3 working days after purchase

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