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2x Sensory Bracelet ADHD Autism Anxiety

These fidget bracelet can be customised with any fabric colour and up 5 bead colours of your choice.

Example: Green fabric beads 2, 5, 7, 12, 15


Many people have asked me about bracelets for stimming so here we have our original design.

This is intended so the user can use their hand or finger to gently roll the beads between there fingers and along there wrist for discreet sensory feedback. Keeping both hands busy and senses gently stimulated.

It can fit a variety of wrist sizes. It is made with a knot that can be pulled open and closed by gently pulling the cord this means it can be taken on and off with


*This is NOT a chew bracelet

2x Customise Fidget spinning bead bracelet

  • Items are posted 2nd Class Large Letter


    Items are made and processed within 1-3 working days after purchase

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